Solutions for Recalled Models

Lexus has developed solutions to acceleration, braking and engine valve recall issues. Please call or visit Lexus of Watertown to have these fixes implemented.

Solution for Steering Shaft Disengagement:

In mid-August, Lexus of Watertown will begin providing free replacement for steering shaft snap rings in Lexus LX 470 SUVs from the 2003 to 2007 model years. An additional component will also be installed to secure the steering shaft. Please call Lexus of Watertown at 888.227.9719 to schedule a service appointment.

You may continue to drive a Lexus LX 470 that is part of this recall. No accidents have been reported as a result of this problem.

Solution for Valve Spring Breaks:

Beginning in late July, Lexus of Watertown will offer free replacement of the engine valve springs in affected vehicles. The time required for this service will vary, depending on the engine configuration of the vehicle. Please call Lexus of Watertown at 888.227.9719 for an estimate of the time required and to set up a service appointment.

You may continue to drive a Lexus that is part of the valve spring recall. No accidents have been reported as a result of this issue. If you notice any unusual engine noise, vibrations, stalls or loss of acceleration, please call our Lexus Service Center at 888.277.9719.

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Solution for Accelerator Pedal Entrapment:

At our expense, we will shave off ¾ of an inch from the accelerator pedal and replace the all-weather driver and passenger side floor mats with newly designed versions. For the 2007 – 2010 ES 350 vehicles, the floor surface underneath will also be reshaped to increase the space between the accelerator pedal and the floor. These fixes will eliminate the issues which have resulted in this recall and ensure Lexus owners will avoid any possible safety hazards.

In the meantime, the first step Lexus asks you to take is to remove any driver side floor mat and to not replace it with a substitute floor mat. If you do keep a floor mat on your driver’s side, double check to make sure that it is securely fastened to the floor and that it hasn’t slide up towards the accelerator. If it has and becomes stuck under the pedal, causing unintended acceleration, first attempt to remove the mat. If this fails and the accelerator remains in an open throttle position, a firm and steady application of the brakes will bring the vehicle under control. Do not repeatedly pump the brake because it could deplete the vacuum assist and end up requiring more brake pressure. You can also choose to shift the transmission to Neutral (N) and then apply the brakes. If you are unable to put the vehicle in Neutral, you can turn the engine off, either by turning the ignition key to the ACC position (do not remove the key or the steering wheel will lock) or, if you vehicle has an Engine Stop/Start button, firmly and steadily push that button for at least three seconds. When the vehicle is safely under control and the engine is off, contact Lexus of Watertown for assistance.

Solution for Anti-Lock Braking System Delay:

At the end of February, dealers will be installing a newly designed software update onto the electronic control unit (ECU) of the 2010 HS 250h’s Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). This installation will effectively eliminate the inconsistent braking on rough or slick roads which has been reported in rare circumstances.

If owners of the HS 250h do experience delayed braking under these circumstances, increased application of the brake will result in the stopping of their vehicle.

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