Update for Valve Spring Recall

Why is this Lexus Safety Recall taking place?
Faulty valve springs in some Lexus GS, IS and LS vehicles from the 2006 to 2008 model years can crack or break, causing problems with engine performance. These valves control the flow of air, fuel and exhaust as it enters and exits engine cylinders. Spring failures can cause engine vibrations, unusual engine noise, a loss of acceleration or an engine stall. No accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of this issue.

2008 Lexus GSHow is Lexus responding to this issue?
Lexus has issued a safety recall for the affected vehicles. Replacement springs will be available in July, and owners can bring their vehicles to a Lexus dealer for free replacement. All Lexus models manufactured since the 2008 model year have valve springs made with thicker wire, which prevents this problem from occurring.

How many vehicles are affected?
Approximately 138,000 GS, IS and LS vehicles made during the 2006, 2007 and 2008 model years are part of this recall. Please note that this recall does not affect every GS, IS or LS made during these model years. To find out if your vehicle is part of the recall, please call Lexus of Watertown at 888.277.9719 and provide your vehicle identification number, which can be found at the front of the dashboard on the driver’s side of your Lexus.

Is it safe to drive my Lexus until repairs are made?
No accidents or injuries have been associated with the valve spring recall. Owners may continue to use their vehicles. If you notice unusual engine noise or vibrations, or if you experience an engine stall or drop in acceleration under normal driving conditions, please call Lexus of Watertown at 888.277.9719.

When can I get my Lexus fixed?
Recall notices will be mailed to owners of affected vehicles in late July. Letters will be sent only to owners of Lexus models that are part of the recall.

How long will this repair service take?
ervice times will vary depending on the model and year of manufacture. Lexus of Watertown will provide an estimate of the repair time when you bring your vehicle in for service.

Is the repair covered by warranty? Will there be any cost to owners?
There is no charge for the repair to the valve springs. Lexus of Watertown will provide a free shuttle to and from your home or office, free pickup and drop-off of your vehicle and a free loaner car if the repair takes an extended period of time. Our supply of loaner cars is limited, so please let us know when you schedule your service appointment if you will need one.

Please note that if you have previously paid for valve spring service on an affected Lexus model, you will receive information on filing a rebate claim along with your recall notice.

Where can I get more information on this recall?
Lexus owners can visit www.lexusofwatertown.com or call the Boston Lexus Hotline at 1-888-227-9719. Please have your vehicle identification number (VIN) available if you wish to inquire about the status of your Lexus.